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Tube Driver Kit Rae

The enclosure is identical to the s Tube Works version, which was the same width as the original s version, but not as long. Pete was creating his customized takes on the Big Muff long before the electronics community had the internet available to pass ideas back and forth. It makes no difference to the sound if series caps, or a single cap equal to the series value is used. The primary difference is much more low end available in the version than the version, so it can be dialed into much heavier, fatter tones.

The built in Tube Driver circuit is similar to the Tube Driver version with a mids knob added. The sound holds its own against a Big Muff when cranked into full overdrive. That version is a bit of a mismatched mess because volume levels are either too high or too low when switching between the tone modes, but individually the various sounds are nice. When it was first released it had no vent slots on the sides of the enclosure, then they were added about a year later. The circuit layout and pathways were very similar, but there were several component value changes across the circuit that affect the way it sounds.

It does makes for a very versatile Big Muff. Strat into a fender Twin Reverb. In Butler made the tube bias pot a custom option again, adding the knob to the back side of the unit. However, when using the exact same tube, each can be dialed to sound nearly identical, with the exception of some of the models.

Big Muff Pi Versions and Schematics

Hoshino was hoping to get permission to use the circuit for free. The second version had a slightly revised pcb layout, and was marked Z. Early version had a creat colored faceplate with black text, later version had a black faceplate with yellow text. There were many, including several knockoffs. The differences are minor, but diode types do affect the sound frequencies that are clipped.

Tube Works Tube Driver Overdrive

Tube Works Tube Driver Overdrive

Slight changes to the circuit and pcb layout were made throughout production. After finding that the circuit clearly infringed upon his tube overdrive patent, B. Butler, as he owns the tooling. It had no identifying numbers or letters, and I have seen two slightly different sets of component values on this pcb.

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It sounds like very much like a tube amp with a Fener-like tone. Here's your limited chance to get an Original Tube Driver. It filters and colors the sound with the tube characteristics.

Tube driver kit rae

B.K. Butler Tube Driver

The first one or two digit are the year made, next two digits are the month, next two digits are the day, and last two digits are the number in the batch. Below are schematics of the more popular or interesting takes on the circuit. Two of them sounded identical to each other and identical to third version mentioned below and the other two sounded very different.

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The amp covering was gray carpet cloth. The first two digits are the year made, next two digits are the month, next two digits are the day, and last two digits are the number in the batch.

You can't find those exact knobs unless you buy them direct from him. Another unique construction feature of this clone is that it uses a quad transistor chip instead of individual transistors. He had some of the gold stock left over and thought it would look cool to make some gold cased Real Tube and Tube Drivers. This Tube Driver was a lower cost, entry level version, housed in a smaller enclosure.

At high drive settings it sounds basically identical to the Real Tube or Tube Driver. Unlike typical effect pedals, the Tube Driver includes a built in power cord, as it uses an internal transformer, sony cybershot n50 drivers for windows mac which can be noisy for certain users. Long time users David Gilmour and Eric Johnson were among the first working musicians to get some of these new model Tube Drivers.