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Toshiba Satellite L40-14f Drivers

The keyboard comes with a typical Toshiba layout. We include product family in the Icecat product title. Typically only business notebooks provide such a display. Also its buttons could not really convince. However, dynex dx-kbwm2 mouse driver its position is rather low compared to the case.

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Toshiba Satellite L40-A (PSKHWL-009001)

You can expect that the battery runtime will range from two to two and a half hour in practice. Despite it is not obviously structured the keyboard is user-friendly. The workmanship is also good.

Memory layout slots x size. Neither the horizontal nor the vertical scroll regions are visually labeled.

Horizontally, there is a clear contrast loss. Overall mobility is to some extent feasible. Its flexural rigidity is also passable and its pressure resistance is good.

Toshiba satellite l40-14f drivers

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The size of the keys is standard and the enter key extends over two rows. The key feedback is rather clear. The display is rather untypical for the consumer market. The top side stayed very cool. However, the viewing angels are rather narrow.

Because of its hardware, the fan only needs to run under load. Compared to other office notebooks even the basses are acceptable. The sound of the two speakers, located at the front edge, is alright. Decent performance, Looks good, Ergonomic keyboard.

The two speakers are left and right at the front edge of the base unit. Rather narrow viewing angles are a weakness of the provided screen. Despite plastic is used at the surface parts, the stability of the case is convincing. Also, the brightness of the screen is overall positive. Speakers The two speakers are left and right at the front edge of the base unit.

Satellite LAFM SupportToshiba Satellite L40-A (PSKHWL-009001)

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So, basically using plastics was regarding these aspects unproblematic. Their sound is rather passable. On the one hand the surface of the touch pad is user-friendly and the touch pad allows a precise navigation. The display also left a good impression.

Number of Processing Die Transistors. The measured brightness was also alright. Video of Display's Viewing Angles.

Toshiba Satellite LA (PSKHWL)

Number of built-in speakers. It is very quiet in idle mode and also the surface temperature stays within admissible range. This notebooks basically tries to attract price-conscious customers by a decent gray-blue and black keyboard and silver palm rest areas. The flexural rigidity and pressure resistance of the case is alright.


The provided ports are user-friendly located near the back of the flanks and at the back side of the notebook. Also the hinges appear to be robust and keep the display's position without problems.

The plastic look and feel of the case when using the notebook is also distinctive. The performance is adequate for these purpose.

In general the keyboard is alright. Overall, the speakers are fit for rather good music playback. Although the fan sped up under load, the noise level got never annoying.