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Tohnichi Torque Driver Rtd30cn

Knurled Metal Handle Type. Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement.

Some tools are already provided with the necessary auxiliary parts. Japanese English Chinese German. Set required torque by using torque graduation.

Limit Switch Type for Tightening Assurance. Hex Wrench key Overall length is without head. For specifications of torque wrenches, z-star microelectronics corp.zc0301 driver refer to standard models. Custom-made parts and tools are supplied on request.

Wired Data Transfer Torque Wrench

Suitable for Tightening by Robot. Torque adjusting bar is optinal. Applicable for Tightening Large Size Bolts. Use a torque meter for setting torque, or request torque setting when purchasing.

The calibration certificate is the document which certify the accuracy of the torque wrenches, which are traceable to Japanese national standards. Not available for impact and impulse wrenches. Major screws are shown in Table A and B. Applicable Only for Clockwise testing. For all other sqaure drive sizes, it is double hex.

Universal arm is sold separately. Motor assembly can be supplied separately upon request. We are ready to manufacture custom-made parts and tools to meet your requirements. Width across flats of bolt. Do not use with impact wrenches.


Tohnichi Torque Assurance System advises the users how to tighten bolts properly and how to eliminate various mistakes which occur during bolt tightening. Actual work piece is carried in and proper tightening torque can be measured. Toggle clutch torque detection mechanism for enhanced durability. Torque set is by hex wrench key. Use a torque wrench tester for setting torque.

Features Rotary slip style. Interchangeable head are sold separately. Application Used for various kinds of tightening operation from mass production to maintenance work. This list of shapeshifters is by no means conclusive.


Preset type torque screwdriverTohnichi Torque Driver

Tohnichi torque driver rtd30cn

If torque set value is not specified when purchased, set torque on tester. Manuals Japanese English Chinese German.

Applicable for calibration of torque driver and small size torque wrenches. Torque screwdriver with over-torque prevention rotary-slip mechanism for various applications from mass production to maintenance work. Hexagonal locker prevents driver from rolling and locker can be replaced with new one. How to set torque on adjustable and preset torque screwdrivers Japanese English Chinese German. Resin handle for torque driver.

Reaction arm is optional accessory. Lecture room Various courses of torque engineering seminars are available. Fully Automatic with Torque Graduations.

Tohnichi Torque Tools & Accessories

Some torque tools come with auxiliary parts as standard. Applicable Only for Clockwise Testing. Total Tightening Management System, which completes tightening assurance, will be created through cooperation of your staff.


Counterclockwise tightening model available upon request. By Solution Tightening Assurance System. When set torque reaches, the break is felt by hand.

Other models are with knurled handle. Torque Japanese English Chinese German.

Without memory pointer models are available. Connecting cable is an optional accessory. Lever Type with Graduations. Micrometer Adjustable Type.

Tohnichi Torque Tools & Accessories