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Have you tried to use ndiswrapper? Power off on shutdown does not work. It is the first time I have a near perfect Linux package for desktop. Let me know if there are any more issues. Hibernation misbehaves display goes berserk on resume.

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Email Required, but never shown. It will scan your system for potential candidate devices for which there is a proprietary driver available and offer you to activate them. This should resolve your issue. Now the system works but you'll probably notice it's rather slow or running very inefficiently.

Besides wireless and power management, the rest of the hardware works with no special configuration. If someone knows it, add it them here!

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Performance is good enough to run most of my Steam games at x with low or medium settings. Most things work fine on install, including wireless networking and x display.

Sony ubuntu drivers

Ubuntu did not find the network driver on my sony vaio vgn-fze. Does Ubuntu have support for Sony vaio pro series Ask Question. Sony vaio network driver ubuntu.

But Ubuntu might have Gnome Menu editor enabled by default. Many Ubuntu users seem to have more wifi driver issues than with any other driver. How to install Wifi driver In Ubuntu. Once in the utility, wait for it to scan your system and install any drivers that you like if it found any. It just has some bugs with it that I think are caused because I need new drivers.

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The keyboard issue is to do with num lock being enabled and there is no num lock key on the new Sony Vaio Pro series. The advanced features circle scrolling, etc. New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Mouse cursor sometimes displayed as a blurred rectangle.

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Resolving Keyboard Issue The keyboard issue is to do with num lock being enabled and there is no num lock key on the new Sony Vaio Pro series. With the addition of sonypid the fn-keys work as I want them to, although in order to have brightness control with them, eee pc1101ha driver I had to modify the source code of the daemon slightly.

In windows suspend does not work very well also - after some time it also does not wake-up. This system does have the option to disable secure boot.

The fxglr module does not load by default, although it's possible that tweaking would permit it. This allows for digital audio extraction for xmms. There's just no on-screen notice. Hibernate to disk and ram doesn't work at all.

No idea how to change this as yet. Rebuild the kernel with make deb-pkg and install the new package. Sound is good, no psaturation. Initially used sjog for jogdial and lineakd for keys, but no longer neccessary.

Sony vaio network driver ubuntu

Partners Support Community Ubuntu. You can automize this process with some init scripts for bootup and resume. The wireless issue is ongoing with the new Sony Vaio Pro series. Give that a shot and let us know how it worked for you. Question Enabling hardware acceleration on Ubuntu.

The laptop doesn't reboot, force shutdown manually. Mesa's ati driver freezes machine randomly. Onboard networking worked. New posts Trending Search forums. Suspend does not allow wake up but I suspect I have no configuration on HotKeys.

You don't need to compile the module provided by the sl-modem-source package, since this modem is integrated on the sound card and share the same driver that's what I understand anyway. Haven't tested the modem, firewire, or memory stick. What is the role of moderators? Need help with Linux driver support for a usb wifi dongle. Question Network Adapter not detected?

All other thinks seems to work well. Sony function keys don't work. Mapping of Fn-keys slightly different to how they are labeled. Most work, including suspend to disk. Summary Make Model Installs?

My experiences after that bit of kernel setup with the laptop has been pretty good. Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. Forums Software Open Source.

It allows you to use windows drivers in a linux environment. Restart on shutdown does not work. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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