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Yes, the blue screen is completely reproducible. So maybe we're getting somewhere? Kindly note that additional software, such as anti-virus and office software, are trial versions and a license will need to be purchased to use the software without limitations. Specification sheets New products Old products Categories Searchable terms.

It checks everything such as sound card, graphic card, monitor, mouse, printer, etc. Or should I just get rid of it on the supposition that it's blocking the audio that would otherwise work?

Although it's about their product, you may be able to shed some light on the problem if my hypothesis at the end of the note is correct. Actual product may differ. Specifications and features. So, for now, I have posted the following thread on the Avid. Important notice The information displayed below this paragraph is for reference purposes only.

That's why I entered the new specs of my system that way. Alas, uninstalling Protools and reinstalling it did not solve the problem. It continues onward and ends up showing my desktop with its icons just as one would expect. This was answered by someone name starts with K? This product is no longer sold.

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The big issue is the Ethernet Driver since, without that, I can't get to the internet to find better drivers than the ones in use now. Concluding that Protools was not the problem after all, I reinstalled it and its drivers, but ever since then, whenever I load a. Is there danger in just living with this? It was so hard to get it installed and working I'm scared to uninstall it. It is not available at this South African supplier.

But whatever it is, so far it has not been a problem since a simple keystroke is enough to bring the screen back to life. There no similar products in this category. When I'm in the splash screen and later, where one gets the choice of where to boot Safe Mode, etc. Or merely that the latter will include the former but not vice versa? All products are sourced in South Africa from the official suppliers and the warranty is that of the local supplier.

Am I just installing the driver incorrectly? Easy Driver Pro performs a complete scan of your all of the devices in or attached to your computer. DriverDetective claims the M-box driver is up to date.

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It is evident from a number of pieces of evidence that the primary home Protools is the Apple Macintosh. It did not solve the worst of my remaining problems, which is that even with that recommended driver installed, I still have no sound except via the M-box hardware associated with Protools. That's a good idea to deactivate it for testing. The second one, which occurs later, really is totally black.

The information may be generic in nature, which covers the entire range of products that fall within this category, and might not apply to this specific model. Images are for illustrative purposes only. DriverFinder claims it's not installed. This is an expired product, it is no longer being sold in South Africa by this supplier.

So that's two problems gone in one fell swoop! This is just a continuation of the last post apparently there's a limit to what we can type, since it's no longer visible once we reach a certain number of lines. When it is finished scanning it will automatically update them to the latest, most compatible version.

Motherboards Intel LGA775 integrated. Computer sales South Africa

Discounts, specials and cheap prices only at ComX Computers. Oh, but now the screen just turned back on again! And Yes, they're plugged into the back of it, in the light green input jack. Turning to the blue screen problem, the one that happened whenever I went into Protools is now fixed, and Protools is functioning, after a number of false starts. There's no going back now since most of the work is already committed to Protools.

Jack, I see you noticed the memory issue just before I did. Which of the following seems most plausible to you? That's the company that created Protools, now purchased by another company called Avid. So I uninstalled the driver and that also didn't make the blue screen go away even after re-boot and re-shutdown in both cases.

But maybe that was because I had too much memory and not all the chip drivers I needed. Easy Driver Pro will scan your computer for missing, corrupt, oki c7300 driver and outdated Drivers. Easy Driver Pro does not sell or charge for drivers.

Please Help Me Identify My Motherboard

Finally, I uninstalled Protools completely and the blue screen was still happening. After all, the recommended zip files are not the same. Only references to South Africa apply. Is there a chance that fixing this could give me audio, since video clips usually do include audio?

See all our products Found it cheaper? Computer sales South Africa. Perhaps this is a coincidence, I don't know. Alas, no, it's not from one of the big guys.